Air Intake Roxor Fastener Torque Specs

Below is a list of torque specifications for various air intake fasteners:

Description Thread Size Torque (ft lbs) Torque (Nm)
Air Cleaner Mounting Bolt M8X1.25-35 13 18
Wire Clamp Tc Side Wire Clamp - TC End 4 5
Bolts For Mounting Intake Manifold M8X1.25X105 18 25
Boost Pressure Sensor SCREW HEX M6X1X16X8.8 2 3
Bolt Egr Pipe To Intake Manifold Pipe M8X1.25,X20 8 11
Turbocharger Mounting Stud/ Nut M8X1.25X1,05 18 25
Heater Electrical Connection M6 3 4
Heater Bracket M8X1.25X105 18 25