Clutch Mahindra Roxor Technical Specs

Specifications & Wear Data
Description Value Type
Clutch control type Hydraulic
Pressure plate Diaphragm type
Clutch Disc single dry type with cushion springs
Clutch plate outer diameter (mm)

9.45" +- 0.04" (240mm +- 1mm)
Clutch plate inner diameter ( mm) 6.30"+- 0.04" (160mm +-1)
Clutch Disc Clamp Thickness 0.315 +- 0.012 (8mm +- 0.3mm)

Clutch DIsc Run Out 0.031" Max (0.8 mm Max)
Clutch Disc Outer Face to Rivet Head Distance Min is 1 mm per side at new condition
Clutch Pedal
Suspended Type
Clutch Pedal Ratio 7.12
Clutch Pedal Free Play (Including push rod play at pedal top) 0.39"-0.98" (10 to 25mm)
Master Cylinder Bore Diameter 0.75" (19.05mm)
The maximum allowable clutch pedal effort 38.22 Lbf (17Kgf) (170N)
Flywheel standard seivice limits

Run out

0.004" (0.1mm)
0.004" (0.1mm)
Clutch release point from pedal full stroke to end position 25 mm fmm Bottom position

Description Value Type
Pressure plate finger height 1.87" (47.6 mm)
Diaphragm spring tip non alignment (Max) 0.031" finger to finger (0.8 mm finger to,finger)
Diaphragm spring finger wear Max depth 0.020" Max width 0.20"
(Max depth 0.5 mm Max width 5 mm)