Cooling System Roxor Fastener Torque Specs

Proper torque specifications are essential for maintaining the integrity and functionality of your cooling system. Below, you will find the recommended torque specs for various fasteners in your cooling system:

Description Thread Size Foot Pounds (ft lbs) Newton Meters (NM)
Radiator Assembly M8 17 ft lbs 23.5 NM
Radiator Hose Clip - 4 ft lbs 5.8 NM
Inlet & Outlet Radiator Hose - 4 ft lbs 5.3 NM
Inlet Radiator Hose - 3 ft lbs 3.795 NM
Radiator Guard Assembly to Fixture (Rad. Grill to Fender Fixing) MB 17 ft lbs 23.5 NM
Water Pump M10 26 ft lbs 35 NM
Fan Mounting Bolt M6 8 ft lbs 11 NM
Thermostat Housing M8 18 ft lbs 25 NM
Coolant Temp Sensor M12 26 ft lbs 35 NM

It is important to follow these torque specifications to ensure proper installation and prevent damage to your cooling system components. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.