Manual Transmission Roxor Technical Specs

General Specifications

Transmission Model M&M NGT 520
Number of Speeds 5 forward, 1 Reverse
Shift Pattern Manual
Synchromesh Type Synchromesh in all gears

Gear Ratios

1st gear 4.00:1
2nd gear 2.09:1
3rd gear 1.38:1
4th gear 1.00:1
5th gear 0.79:1
Reverse 3.52:1

Main Shaft Gear (Number of teeth)

1st gear 36
2nd gear 36
3rd gear 30
4th gear 27
5th gear (driven) 29

Sub Shaft Gear (Number of teeth)

Counter Shaft Gear (Number of teeth) Driven
1st gear 12
2nd gear 23
3rd gear 29
4th gear 36
5th gear (Drive) 49
Reverse (Driven) 37
Reverse Idler Gear (Number of teeth) 18

Sealant Specification

Location Sealants/ Thread Locks
Front Housing & Intermediate Plate Loctite 574
Intermediate Plate & Rear Housing Loctite 574
Clutch Housing & Front Housing Loctite 574
Pivot locking RHODORSEAL or CAF33 or Pldiseal3P
Between Clutch Housing & OD of Ft.
Bearing Retainer
Loctite 510 Loctite 574
Lock nut output shaft Anabond111