Exhaust + Emission Control Fastener Torque Specs

Proper torque is essential for ensuring the secure installation of exhaust and emission system components on your Roxor. Below are the recommended torque values for various parts of the exhaust system:

Description Torque (ft lbs) Torque (Nm)
Catalytic To Mid Pipe 17 23.5
Egr Modulator 3 4.5
Catalytic Convertor Mtg. 17 23.5
Stud Exhaust Manifold 26 35
Exhaust Manifold Mounting Inut 26 35
Stud Turbocharger 18 25
Egr Valve Bolt To Intake 18 25
Oil Line Turbo Inlet Mounting On Hsg. Water Pump Inlet 8 11
Assy Oil Return Pipe Mounting On Turbo Charger 8 11
Turbo Mounting To Exhaust Manifold 18 25
U-Bolt Spark Arrestor And Rear Tail Pipe 11 15
U-Bolt Mid Pipe To Spark Arrester 11 15
Exhaust Tall Pipe 17 23.5
Insulator Tail Pipe Mounting 7 9.5
Insulator Bracket On Frame 7 9.5

It is important to follow these torque specifications to ensure proper installation and prevent any issues with the exhaust system. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.